Emojis are actually widely-used in Notion. You’ve probably seen them on pages and lists that come with the platform, by default. Adding emojis to your workspace can break the tedium of endless lines of text. Here’s how to add emojis in Notion and more about emojis on the platform, in general. ### Adding Emojis in Text Although Notion is progressive and feature-packed, it doesn’t have a built-in emoji feature. But don’t worry. You may not be aware of it, but both Windows and macOS devices can add emojis where they’re supported – and Notion definitely supports them. To see the list of emojis available for adding to Notion text, select where in text you want to add one and hit Win + . keys. Make sure that you don’t use the “.” key located on the Num pad on your keyboard, but the “.” symbol in the main part of the keyboard. For macOS devices, use the Cmd + Ctrl + Space. This will bring up a list of all available emojis. And that’s the gist of how you add emojis to text in Notion and anywhere else. notion add emoji in text