It's time to share resources again, and today I'd like to recommend Iconscout - a library of 2 million high-quality icons, illustrations, and photos .

It not only supports free download of various file formats, but also allows you to directly find and access all design resources of Iconscout from your tool through the Icondrop plug-in , and provides a free online icon editor to edit the icons on the Iconscout line and the local icons on your computer, Powerful functions and simple operation , let's take a look!


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Iconscout was launched as a beta version by founder Dalpat Prajapati as early as August 2016, and has been iteratively updated to the current Iconscout 2.0 version , with 1 million+ icons, 10,000+ illustrations, and 1 million+ photo materials .


Iconscout's 1 million+ icons come from more than 350 designers around the world, including Iconscout exclusive icon packs, Iconscout team selected icon packs, top free icon packs, the latest icon packs and all-time popular icon packs . Preview some of the icons in the icon pack, and you can also view different types of icon packs by website category.

In addition to the above categories, Iconscout also supports keyword search for icons , and provides popular search keywords and icon type categories , you can view a large number of icons and icon packs in the same category through these keywords and categories.

Iconscout's icons are available in various formats such as SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, JPG, PSD, ICNS, ICO, and BASE 64. Downloading the icons according to the file format you need can make the icons more worry-free.

If you have more personalized needs for your icons, Iconscout also provides a free icon editor that supports editing of icon color, size, stroke and other attributes.

In addition to processing the icons on the Iconscout line, the Iconscout icon editor also supports online processing of the local icons on your computer. You only need to upload the icon SVG file, edit the icon properties, and download the icon.

Use the Iconscout icon editor to custom change the icon color , just select the icon color you want to recolor and choose a color from the color picker, or add a HEX or RGB color value to change the color.

Use the Iconscout icon editor to change icon stroke effects by simply changing the stroke size by increasing or decreasing the Stroke Width slider value. Alternatively, you can click Stroke Color and choose a color from the color picker, or add a HEX or RGB color value to change the stroke color.

If you want to use the icon as the APP startup icon , the Iconscout icon editor also provides the function of adding a background to the icon . You can choose four shapes of square, rounded rectangle, circle and conversation bubble block as the icon background, while supporting Change parameters like tile color, size, corner radius, and icon size.

The Icondrop plug-in is another powerful feature of Iconscout. Icondrop for SketchApp has been launched as early as July 2017. Up to now, the Icondrop plug-in has supported Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google sheets and other design and office document tool software.

With the Icondrop plugin you can search for all design assets - icons, illustrations or photos - inserted into Iconscout directly from your tool software .

In addition to directly selecting design resources, the Icondrop plugin also supports selecting your favorite designers or photographers and quickly access their work.

Regarding the Icondrop plugin, there are also two styles of light and dark themes for you to choose from .

When you are designing a prototype wireframe , choose the Prototype Mode prototype mode of the Icondrop plugin, and you can insert random icons, illustrations and photos into the design with just one click, helping you quickly create beautiful wireframes.

MyScout is an upcoming team sharing function of the Icondrop plugin , which supports you and your team members to share your brand resources between different tools and software, looking forward to ing~


Iconscout's 10,000+ illustrations are commercial and editorial illustrations from more than 100 illustrators around the world, including the Iconscout team's selected illustration packs, top free illustration packs, the latest illustration packs and all-time popular illustration packs . Browse through the different illustration packs in the categories above .

Illustration materials downloaded from Iconscout usually contain bitmap PNG or JPG format and vector illustration EPS or AI format , where the bitmap can be downloaded in other sizes or customized sizes, which is convenient for direct use or editing again.

If you can't find the illustration material you want in Iconscout, don't worry, Iconscout also provides an Iconscout Custom service to support your custom design .

Custom Design Just submit your needs, timeline and budget to Iconscout , Iconscout will match you with the creative talent that best fits your brand to complete your design, Iconscout provides full customer support and security before and after final delivery pay.

In addition to custom illustrations, Iconscout also offers custom icons, UI, logos, branding, animation and motion graphics, photography and more creative content .


Iconscout's 1,000,000+ photos come from commercial and editorial photos of more than 100 photographers around the world, including selected photo packs, top free photo packs, latest photo packs and all-time popular photo packs, which can be browsed on the website Photos page Different photo packs in the above categories.

Iconscout's photo materials are usually large-sized JPG files , and you can directly select other sizes or custom sizes to download before downloading.

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In addition to discovering these high-quality design materials in Iconscout, you can also discover a large number of the world's top creators: top icon designers, top illustrators, top photographers ... Through them and their works on Iconscout better Feel the design and get more inspiration.


Many of Iconscout's icons, illustrations, and photo materials are free , and there are also many advanced materials that need to be downloaded and used, but the Icondrop plug-in and icon editor are free, and Iconscout provides different paid plans according to different usage needs. Everyone chooses as needed.